Jan 2018

January Update

Hello All! Hope yous had a fantastic Christmas and are well settled into the new year!

Just a small update on progression of Pipe Band World.

We are pushing forward to an actual official launch date where will be full steam ahead promoting this site.

We have been extensively testing our functionality so we are able to provide a great and functional website that helps you all promote and inform your Pipe Bands.

In the mean time we have had over 500 users sign up which is absolutely fantastic, we are sure to be on our way to building a world wide community for the Pipe Band World!

Don’t forget you can add or claim your Pipe Band listing within our website and add relative information and ways to connect with your band such as social media. This will then be added to our interactive map and be easily found.

We have also a great forum framework set up which you can connect with the Pipe Band World and join in the discussions around Pipe Bands.

Also we have a great “Shout Out” tool that allows you to post to our website, SocialĀ  Media and Email subscribers list which lets you shout out your Pipe Band News to a greater audience.

Where always here to help so if you have any problems just drop us a line and we will sort it for you!
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All the best,
Pipe Band World